Commercial Roofing Company:Chicago’s Best

A Proven History:

Since 1978 we have installed commercial roofs in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.In 1984, single-ply EPDM roofing membrane began proving itself as an industry leader. Thomas J. Preston Jr., and his son, now owner, Thomas J. Preston III, strategized to develop a flat roof system that will outperform any current commercial roof design. Since then, Thomas III and the Dura-Ply team privately tested the performance of many manufacturers’ materials, assuring the consistency of quality that drives the success of a Dura-Ply commercial roof.  While most commercial roofing contractors in Chicago install many different variations of roof applications, our crew has been trained in this one application, our application, which provides great uniformity in workmanship for the best possible job, done with craftsmanship, that is hard to compare. We are proud of our crew and product.